Jeff Ubben

Hedge Fund Founder
To Impact Investor


February 23rd, 5-6 PM ET

"We ourselves, I think, built unsustainable companies by maximizing profit."

Jeff Ubben (T’83) is the founder and former chairman of Value Act Capital, a $16 billion hedge fund. He has served on over 15 boards of public companies and now leads Inclusive Capital Partners, a fund focused on environmental and social active investing.

Mr. Ubben left his prestigious position at ValueAct to pursue social investing. He felt that there was greater good to be done in empowering entrepreneurs to solve problems like food scarcity and renewable energy.

Join Jeff and DSG President Tommy Hessel for a Fireside Chat

Throughout this fireside chat, Jeff and Tommy will chat about questions like: 
.• Is there a tradeoff between making a financial return and an impact?.
• What caused modern businesses to be so unsustainable?
• How students can have an impact and a successful career?
• Any questions that you send!
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February 23rd, 5-6 PM ET
Read about Jeff on CNBC,the NYT,or Bloomberg